Our Mission

The Student Organization EBS.Invest was founded in 1983 by a small group of student stock market enthusiasts. It is now one of the oldest and largest student organizations at EBS, having grown and evolved into an integral part of the EBS-Community. Our organization sponsors frequent guest speakers from the financial community and organizes workshops and case studies to enhance and broaden our members’ knowledge in the field of finance. Additionally, we started working on establishing an Investment Fund called EBS.Invest Capital in which the members of EBS.Invest will trade on real capital markets, based on in-depth analyses.

One of our main focuses is the practical implementation of knowledge that is gained from our studies at EBS and from within the organization. In numerous workshops and case studies, EBS.Invest members directly apply their knowledge to real life cases. Several of our guest speakers have come from well-known Investment Banks, which has helped to make our workshops focus on real-world issues from a real-world perspective. Our speakers not only present topics, but they also share their personal experiences and opinions, which provides us with the opportunity to discuss current issues and other interesting finance-related topics with them.