Newsletter – February 2019

Nowadays, investing has become an important source of income for the average individual. It has created a world that not only revolves around money, but also a world which relies heavily on trustworthiness and belief.
So, what is investing? Investing is the act of putting money into financial schemes, shares, property or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.
However, we believe thatthere is much more to it and here is why.We are EBS Invest, the official investment fund for the EBS university für Wirtschaft und Recht and one of the leading and promoting resorts at our university.

Not only do we help students understand in a better way what they are learning in their Investment and Finance lectures by providing unique and innovative workshops, but we also give the members the chance to express their views on the current market and suggest the most promising companies that could ultimately provide the university with some extra capital to be reinvested into the various parts of EBS. This is all thanks to our recently created investment fund.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpets too much but we have to admit that the pitching system we have created, helps each member improve their research techniques, presentation skills and convincing instruments, as these pitches are conducted in front of our 80 people strong organisation who carefully pay attention and put our presenters under scrutiny to ensure that the stock which has been selected is the right and most effective choice.
Once the questions have been answered, we have a democratic vote to see who does and who does not support the investment decision. This leads to a legitimate result which we then pass on to our professors who give us their opinions based on our already formulated ideas.Whether you like it or not, you will probably one day have to prove your worthiness in front of a group of investors or possibly in an interview in front of a future boss. Developing these aspects is one of the sub goals our resort would like to achieve.

Finally, we also give the members the opportunity to work in the management groups such as the corporate relations department, research department, IT department and marketing department so you can get a inside taste of what it is like to maintain and develop an organisation.

We are not experts and our members are no experts either, but together we grow, gain experience and develop in accordance to the EBspirit.

We are EBS Invest and you need to invest in yourself, so come and join the movement.

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